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1974 Fender Rhodes MK1 88 Key- Fully Restored- Originally owned by Billy Cobham!

Estimated price for orientation: 2 250 $

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Brand: Fender Exact Year: 1974

Up for sale is a truly awesome piece of musical gear. I will try my best to give a full in depth description of this Rhodes, but first to briefly summarize a few important details:- This is a 1974 88 Key Fender Rhodes- It was fully serviced by the renowned Electric Piano restoration company "Vintage Vibe"- a few major upgrades included cleaned tines/replaced felts, replaced logos, installed active electronics, installed adjustable EQ and tremolo, stereo outputs, and refinished lid.- It was originally owned by legendary jazz drummer Bill Cobham (played with Miles Davis, Brecker Brothers, Mahavishnu Orchestra), and included with this Rhodes is a certificate of authenticity proving his ownership.- Other pieces included in this listing are a standard Fender Rhodes pedal with pedal rod, a power supply, and the original metal stand for the keyboardNow I will try to give a more in depth analysis of this Rhodes with supporting pictures! Here are a few pictures of the Rhodes from front and side views:
As you can see, this Rhodes is in beautiful shape. The lid has been professionally refinished and looks sleek and stunning! This is not your typical reproduction lid- this is the actual 40 + year old original lid. Thus, there are a few scratches here and there that are visible upon close inspection. The original base tolex case that holds the Rhodes is also in very strong shape. The side handles are perfectly functional and sturdy.Here are another few pictures that highlight the "Eighty Eight" logo and the Fender logo on the back of the keyboard: These logos are in spectacular shape!  These logos were provided as replacement logos by Vintage Vibe- I believe that the back Fender logo is a reproduction and the front Eighty Eight logo is an original vintage logo. Here is a picture of the main front logo which also looks great. This logo is the original logo and was not replaced: As far as the keybed is concerned, all of the keys are in excellent shape. There is only one small chip in one of the keys which I will show in the picture below. They all feel great to the touch and have very little wear. The felts that help absorb the key contact have also been well maintained, so these keys are very quiet (besides the expected click release sound): Now here are a couple of pictures of the left front panel and the left front cheekblock: The front panel includes (from right to left):- Adjustable tremolo with a knob to control speed and intensity. The knob can be clicked in the middle, which changes the setting you want to tweak. You then can turn the knob left or right.- Adjustable EQ, with control of the treble and bass. This EQ has a really wide range! You can get a mega amount of low end if you crank the bass up high. You can also get a nice amount of punch and attack if you turn up the treble. It is worth experimenting with the EQ until you find a sweet spot!- Adjustable volume knob- DIN connector input for a suitcase amp (this model doesn't come with a suitcase but if you have one you can connect it using this input)- Effects loop input and output (labeled accessory 1 and 2). #1 is the send and #2 is the return.The left cheek block includes (from top to bottom)- Power supply output. A power supply is also included in this listing. This Rhodes was upgraded from passive to active electronics, and thus a power supply is needed to power the internal preamp. The active electronics allow for a more aggressive and adjustable tone.- Headphone output- Left and Right quarter inch outputs. These stereo outputs are especially awesome when used with the tremolo to get a stereo ping effect. I believe the left output is the quarter inch hole in the center and the right output is the one below that.Now, I will show some pictures of the harp: As you can see, the harp and all of the other components inside are in excellent condition. That is because Vintage Vibe did an extensive on repair of the interior, which included:- Cleaning the tines- Replacing many of the screws that secure the tines in place- Adding all new white felts under the tines- The pickups were also cleaned/replaced. I am not sure of the specifics because I am not a technician but basically any parts that needed to be rewound or replaced were taken care of.- On top of this, any other interior parts that were broken or too old were replaced or fixed. The interior under the harp board was also cleaned out of any dust or built up dirt. Vintage Vibe also tuned and calibrated this keyboard! However, please know that this keyboard was tuned and calibrated around 6 months ago, so it could probably use a few small tuning adjustments. You can do this yourself with a standard tuner or a Rhodes tuning tool. You can also take it to a local tech if you want it to be tuned or set up professionally. Here are two more photos showing the Vintage Vibe repair sticker along with some other stickers. The middle sticker is a "Magic Music" repair sticker, meaning that this keyboard was taken to a repair shop earlier in its lifetime.  The sticker to the right is the original Fender Rhodes factory sticker. The second photo shows the date that the Rhodes was made. The date stamp reads "14-74", meaning that this Rhodes was manufactured in the 14th week of 1974" That is all for the pictures of the main keyboard. But there is much more! Here is a picture of the original Fender Rhodes sustain pedal: Here is the power supply: Here are the tone bars with the screws. The tone bars are normally attac