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2box Drumit5 with 32 GB Upgrade + HH Conversion. Exc! Free Priority Shipping!

Estimated price for orientation: 899 $

Category: Electronic Drums


If you're familiar with this 2box module, you know that a common and awesome upgrade is the 32gb upgrade (75$ new from Jman) that adds significantly more memory to the module. This allows you to store more sounds and higher quality sounds that take up more memory. If you aren't familiar with the upgrade, you can learn more about it on multiple forums or Jman's website ( The upgrade increases storage from the stock 4GB to 32GB. Because it moved the memory card from the inside to the outside of the module, you are also able to swap 32GB memory cards to give you essentially limitless memory. Although the 32GB memory card is not shown on the picture, it IS included with this purchase. Also included is the hihat stand conversion kit (99$ new from Jman) that improves the hi-hat response. I haven't used the module much and it's been kept inside of a nice clean apartment (as opposed to a damp or non-temperature controlled garage or basement). Condition is outstanding!