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Crest Audio CC5500 CC Series Amp 5500 Watt Professional Power Amplifier

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Category: Crest Audio CC 5

Brand: CREST AUDIO Model: CC5500
UPC: 875866010025 Number of Channels: 2
MPN: CC5500 Form Factor: Rack Mountable
Type: Power Amplifier Country/Region of Manufacture: China

Authorized Crest Audio Dealer! All CC Series amplifiers are built with tunnel-cooled heat sinks, variable-speed DC fans and extensive protection circuitry for superior efficiency into difficult loads and power conditions. In the Crest Audio tradition, these robust amps also boast more power devices (16 per channel) than any competitive amplifier, plus a switched-rail class H output stage and triple-compound design to provide low distortion and excellent thermal stability. Based on powerful Pro 200. Series technology and utilizing a linear power supply, our three versatile CC Series amps deliver stable high power output for running main systems, monitors and subwoofers. Features: 8 Ohm Stereo - 1150 W 4 Ohm Stereo - 1800 W 2 Ohm Stereo - 2750 W 4 Ohm Bridged - 5500 W Toroidal power transformer Magnetic circuit breaker on/off switch Cooled by variable speed fan with back-to-front airflow Mode selector switch for stereo, parallel and bridged-mono operation Inputs: Balanced female XLR, 1/4" TRS combi jacks Outputs: Speakon® Five-way binding posts RCA record output Recessed, stepped attenuators 16-gauge steel chassis, cast aluminum front panel Why Crest CC Series Amplifiers are better than the competition: The CC amplifiers are designed and made in the tradition of the world famous Pro Touring Series amplifiers. ( Pro 10001, 9001,8001). All Crest Amplifiers are designed by the same engineer! CC series uses 18-24 output transformers per channel
CC Amps use many more output transfoemers than competitors. The advantage of this is simple; The more output transistors you use, the cooler they stay, the longer they last, and the better the amp sounds. The amp will perform much better than other amplifiers at high volume and/or bass levels.
Superior Voltage Transformer
The transformer for the CC series went through the highest design standards CC4000 and CC5000 will work all day on a 15 amps load! Although they will not output their full power rating due to AC restrictions, they will not overload the circuit like the competition does. These transformers contribute to the superior sound of the Crest amplifier.
Distortion Rating
CC line power ratings are rated at .10 % distortion. Compare that with other leading brand name amps (the PLX Series are rated at .20% distortion; TWICE the distortion as the CC at the same power rating). Crown XLS series is rated at .5% - 5 TIMES more distortion than the CC series. This means the power rating of the competition is not equal to the power rating of the CC. To be on the same level they competition would need to show their power output at .1% distortion… but they don’t. CC amps are rated with true world power ratings, and you will get way more sound output out of a CC series amp than another amp with similar ratings from another one of the top brands in the industry. The bottom line here is if you know about audio then you know the CC amps have incredible power ratings and they are incredibly efficient compared with the best amps on the market.
Damping Factor
This determines how well an amplifier controls the movement of a loudspeaker. The higher the ratio (ie: 500:1) the better bass performance you will have. The lower the ratio (ie 200:1) the poorer the low-end performance. The CC amplifiers have significantly better damping factor than all of it’s competitors. To summarize; The CC amps have much better sounding and performing low end than its competitors.
Front on/off switch is a magnetic breaker
This means if the amp is stressing the breaker from the walls power, the amplifier breaker will go before the wall breaker does. So the user does not need to find the breaker panel in the building to restore power.
The CC amplifier line is simply the best sounding series in it’s class. The only other amp line that equals the sound quality is the Pro 2 Series from Crest. The only other amp line that we found comes close to the is the Crown MacroTech series, which is even heavier than the CC series, and therefore needs much more wall power (AC) or equal output and it also cost considerably more money.
Advantages of purchasing from an authorized seller: Best prices - We sell all Crest Audio Products at wholesale prices Full Factory Warranty Detailed information of all products Lifetime Customer Service by Crest Audio product Experts Guaranteed legitimate and authentic merchandise Please note: If you purchase Crest Audio from an un-authorized seller then you are taking a big risk. You will not have any manufacturers warranty, and there is no guarantee that the item is authentic, or even working.