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1994 Aluminum Fender Strat Custom Shop ***Micro Tilt***

Estimated price for orientation: 2 499 $

Category: Electric Guitar

Brand: Fender Body Color: Aluminim
String Configuration: 6 String Model Year: 1994
Dexterity: Right-Handed

This is an absolutely amazing unique guitar!  I have several of these because of how completely unique they are. This one has a audio acoustic sound because this Aluminum Guitar is a hollow core.  If you want the Real story on these guitars here it is.  1994 Fender commissioned 400 of these. They used a unique type of a paint that would adhered to aluminum. There was five models however the paint did not take well and it was chipping.  They also would dent easily, only extenuating  the paint problem. Personally ,the chipped paint was, (in my opinion) not as big as a problem as this guitars LOOK SO UGLY. When I went into my local music store in 94 I remember a salesperson say they got in the New fenders and he said one of hem was an aluminum body. I though,  Wow I pictured a shinny silver beauty, but when I saw what they looked like I didn't even pick it up! It looked like a tie die that went horribly bad. When that particular group failed in mid 94 Fender  allowed the custom shop to take the remainder of the bodies.  This is a body made by Marty Schulte of Spruce Hill Guitars that he kept making and selling after Fender had finished their production run. Fender didn't make the bodies Marty did as a subcontractor. Marty just made raw aluminum bodies and Fender had Peter Kellet do all of the anodized and chrome finishes. There is no clear records of how many there were left but been told he could be in the neighborhood of about 160 bodies.  One offs to five offs. Some of the one off so we are done by famous companies like Disney Harley Davidson Ford Mustang these are some of the most collectible guitars out there!  of this particular run this is one of the most highly figured necks I've ever seen and in this particular group of Alumicasters I have another one that's equally is figured. I have been in the music industry specifically as a side man / recording artist -session guitarist almost my entire life, as far as this guitar it's playability is a 10! Custom shop necklace or at least the ones I've played our special and not the run-of-the-mill fender!!!! And just picking it up without an amp it's like a 24/7 compressor. A tight feel when played. I own 3 of these beauties. I do not have the COA . I do have all the other supporting paperwork. these are unmistakably fender issue guitars.  if I had ALL The paperwork,  I'd be selling them for 5000 plus.