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"Siamese Twins" Double Neck bass

Estimated price for orientation: 650 $

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Brand: Unbranded Body Type: 2 part body with bolt on necks
Model: 6 string B,E,(a)A,(d)D + E> frettless String Configuration: 6 String / 4 string
MPN: Franco - Siamese original Dexterity: Right-Handed
Style: One of a kind Type: Electric Bass

I purchased it in Paris, the  owner advised me that it was custom Luthier built back in the 90's by a previous owner - the neck pockets have a March 1999 stamp.As  a collector of  basses for more year than I can remember I have yet to identify the body or the necks being 100% of a recognizable brand?????
Inserted in to the body are two antique, "real deal" Thai Buddhist amulets.As is practiced all over Thailand the amulets and this bass have been blessed by a Buddhist monk. The amulets are believed, I believe,  to being good Kama and heeling powers Thai's are often seen wearing a chain of these amulets and  have the local monk bless their homes, cars, motor scooters - so why not a guitar?
RUN DOWNThe top neck is a B, E, [a] A, [d] D  ([a] &[d] are higher octave (same set up as what you get on an "8"string bass) The BEAD is string -thru body and the  2 octave route though to the original bridge mountings - intonation of the octave strings waiver a bit after the 14th fret BUT the bass is still playable Clearly a riffmeister -set up the action is good albeit the B is not at a tension to be hammered - not a slapper The  D easily down tunes to the  5th i.e "g" is an instant power chord in itself - who needs a rhythm guitarist :-)Lower neck is a standard fret-less E>G configuration which has remarkable mmwwaaahh tone if "bridged out" - actually an easier to achieve a Jaco-esque  tone tone than my CS Jaco ! String tension (for me) is a shade high so a set of low tension flats on the next re-string could be an option.The fret board received 8 costs of gloss - the finish is certainly not custom shop but a noticeable improvement on non gloss necksBoth necks have 8 coats of lime green stain which have been sanded and polished to a mat finish - the neck finish is fast and smooth.The body (thought to be basswood or similar) has be slightly reshaped and painted in a Buddha-esque shade of monks robe saffronA total of 4 enjoyable weeks in the process of hand sanding and painting!!Pick ups are no name brand but are strong with a 80's tone  - the electronics are passive and configured similar to an  EB3  - Left to right_ Bridge V/T - Neck V/T 3 way selector 1=top neck 2= off, 3= bottom neckThe action on both necks is excellent, the truss rods are fully operational and the frets are in good condition - professionally set up and 6 string nut created by an excellent Thai luthierThe machine heads are original + the addition of 2 Wilkinson machine heads for the octave.  The head has received 4 layers of bronze leafThe bass is 6.3 kg and balances,  OK when on a strapThere is no case for this bass so the buyer has the option of me packing whole, disassembling the necks (how I shipped it) or me getting a quite on having a custom  a aluminium flight case manufactured - reasonable cheap to do hereOverall, the bass plays well, offers some unique tones, causes you to rethink bass lines, allows you to offer a little more tone and stage presence - but if all else fails - a great wall hanger for the studio of those who thought they had it all!!I'm an Australian living in Thailand, your welcome to connect and talk on the phone or via Skype if you would like more infoUsual stuff / disclaimers with buyers - all shipping costs are at your expense . Shipping prices indicated by ebay may not be accurate - please contact me for options and a more accurate feeThe bass will not be shipped until paid in full via Paypal No returnsSeasons greetings!