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1967 Gibson SG Jr 5.6lbs! Tiger Flame!

Estimated price for orientation: 1 750 $

Category: Electric Guitar

Brand: Gibson Exact Year: 1967
Model: SG

1967 SG Jr. Probably one of the most beautiful Jr's around ,you be the Judge! So,all original but ONE thing. I played it sooo much I had to refret it ! Nice fat Stew Mac wire do all the bending and sliding you want!!! great feeling neck not to big and not to small fretboard is cool to look at too. Pots match 13765? indicates late 1966, Serial number starts with a 0 so 67. All nickel parts shiny and pretty. Bridge and Maestro whammy in case along with extra bridge bolts or whatever you call them. Tone pro's locking bridge and parts.Tuners are open back "butterfly" non plastic buttons which is great because the Klusons of the era commonly fell apart. Tunes great.If you need validation I can pull them off and show you the imprint. Original witch hat knobs . Recently set up by my local luthier and new strings. Smoking P90 which has its own really cool sound oddly quiet too. 5.6 lbs.......,5.6lbs .......!!!!! My friends called it the balsa guitar! Last but not least the back of the guitar has a ,as best as I can explain it, a tiger flame mahogany pattern. Too bad it wasn't on the front. The pattern does bleed into the front somewhat. Pick guard is large and a bit of a crack on the high e side. Epiphone HSC . Assorted dinks and doinks from many years of love and tenderness.  Yes those are really cool craze marks everywhere! I heard a while back Tom Murphy was actually customizing some Les Pauls to give them that aged look with a razor. Buy mine and get the real thing!!!