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1963 Fender Precision Bass P Bass Electric Guitar Vintage

Estimated price for orientation: 9 995 $

Category: Bass Guitars

Brand: Fender Country of Manufacture: United States

This is a 1963 Fender Precision Bass!!! And its a good one...I want to keep it, but Im a guitar player, and have about 2 bass gigs a year....Can't justify tying up the money any the's all there....original pickup...solder joints never you can see in the pictures, it has quite a bit of honest wear, and looks pretty good to me! Frets have hardly any wear at all...which doesn't really jive with the amount of body wear, but I was told the original owner wasn't much of a he didn't really get on the frets that bad...either way?!?!  It sets up great and has good low action and plays great..and of course it sounds just like a 1963 P bass is supposed to..Both pots are coded 304-6114  (14th week of 1961) ...the serial number is 995XX which puts it at 1963....I don't have pictures of the neck date as I didn't want to pop the neck off, but I remember the neck date is 1963...I'd rather not take the neck of at this time because it just doesn't seem necessary...but if a potential buyer just HAS to see that..I can do it.. pickup reads 11.06K and the guitar weighs in at 8.6 the bad...comes with a non original mid 60's Fender Case that is beat, latches work but it ain't pretty, inside is good but outside is rough.. The original case and pickup/bridge covers are long gone.....and the guitar has 4 tiny screwholes on the back of the body....looks like the original owner attempted to fasten some sort of guard or pad on the back to avoid the belt buckle rash problem he was having.....the holes are located almost on the 4 corners of the back of the guitar and are similar in size to pickguard screw holes...not noticeable unless your looking, but they are there and need to be mentioned....other than that, this guitar is literally untouched...every screw is as it should be.. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have, or let me know if you need any additional pictures.Thanks a lot,Johnny205 - 223 - 5369