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Numark NS7II Digital DJ Controller

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Brand: Numark Max. Sampling Rate: 44.1 Khz
Model: NS7II Features: USB Powered
MPN: NS7II Type: Double Deck Controller
Audio Ports & Interfaces: Headphone Jack, USB Interface Inputs/Outputs: 3.5mm (1/8") TRS Out, Digital RCA/Coaxial (S/PDIF) In, XLR Out, 6.35mm (1/4") TRS/TS Out, XLR In
UPC: 676762186810

Numark NS7II DJ SYSTEM Never Used.
It's in Mint condition and is a very durable, good looking piece. Serious Djs and Beginner Djs. MADE OF METAL If you want to go pro, don’t go plastic. With its rugged metal body, NS7II crushes the competition, literally. It’s built like a tank. DEDICATED HOT CUE CONTROLS For the performing DJ, hot cues are simply too important to bury. With dedicated buttons to set and recall, NS7II places comprehensive hot cue control at your fingertips, no digging required. 3-WAY TOUCH FILTER KNOBS NS7II’s filter knobs give you unprecedented capabilities. Each filter has three modes: Filter alone, Filter FX, and Filter Roll. TOUCH EFFECTS & EQ KNOBS A first-of-its kind feature that revolutionizes modern DJ performance, NS7II’s effects and EQ knobs are intelligent, responding instantaneously to your touch, giving you capabilities you haven’t even imagined ... yet. FILTER ROLL One of the greatest effects you can imagine. By activating Filter Roll, the filter knobs become touch-sensitive and you control a high-/low-pass filter alongside a roll that increases with intensity the more you turn, giving you an instant energy-infusing way to get the crowd moving and leave them breathless. To leave the roll, simply let go of the knob; the filter remains until you’ve turned it back to zero. INSTANT FREQUENCY KILLS One tap of the Shift and Touch buttons and NS7II’s traditional EQ knobs become touch-responsive. Kill the low. Kill the mid. Kill the high. Or kill the entire song, all with your fingertips. All four channels on NS7II feature touch-response EQ knobs, giving you instant on/off control for dynamic creative flourishes whenever inspiration strikes. FILTER FX With one tap of the Filter FX button, each of NS7II’s four filter knobs commands both its filter and an effect of your choice. Turning the knobs will engage a high-/low-pass filter plus the effect, and both the filter and effect increase or decrease in intensity as you turn the knob. REVOLUTIONARY EFFECTS CONTROL To add an effect, touch the knob. It’s that easy. To adjust the effect, turn the knob. It’s never been easier to interact with your mix. NS7II empowers you with spontaneous performance capability that feels so natural, you’ll wonder where you end and the music begins. 12 Isotope effects to choose from, 2 effects banks per channel, 3 effects per bank, 6 effects simultaneously on any channel. REAL VELOCITY-SENSITIVE MPC PADS For decades, Akai Professional’s MPC pads have been the go-to for performance and production with an unmatched percussive feel and response. NS7II gives you expanded live performance capability with 16 MPC pads—each has classic MPC feel, plus they’ve been updated with RGB illumination, so you have instant visual feedback of what mode you’re in. MULTICOLOR RGB TECHNOLOGY No guessing. No vague mono-color flashing. NS7II’s 16 multicolor pads tell you exactly—and instantly—what mode you’re in, so you can spend your time mixing instead of decoding. START TIME & STOP TIME NS7II’s direct drive platters let you start and stop tracks instantly, or you can use the new Start time and Stop Time controls. Another creative tool in your arsenal, this attention-grabbing feature lets you ramp up or ramp down the platters, perfect for getting the the night started or bringing it to a classic close. FULL ONBOARD SONG NAVIGATION CONTROL Whether you have 1,000 songs or 10,000 songs, NS7II gives you total command over your music library with dedicated controls that keep your hands off the mouse and your mind in the mix. ERGONOMIC PITCH CONTROLS Easily accessible, the Pitch Bend and Tempo controls are exactly where you need them to be with nothing in the way. You'll never graze a slider or button by accident with NS7II's fool-proof layout. PITCH 0 LED Mixing in the dark is easy. Every crucial function on NS7II gives you visual feedback, including the Tempo faders, which have a red LED at 0, so you can be 100% sure—instantly—when the fader is back to center. MASTER FX When you want crush, crash, sweep, or surge the entire mix, the Master FX button puts the power in your hands. Apply your effects across all four channels and hang on for the ride. BPM METER With NS7II, beatmatching is visual, quick, and obvious. You never have to look at your computer again to match BPM. CURVE-ADJUSTABLE CP-PRO CROSSFADER Surrounded with a healthy border of seamless and smooth metal, the replaceable CP-Pro crossfader lets you cut and crab with precision—there are no screws or seams to scrape your knuckles on. SPRING-LOADED BLEEP REVERSE With NS7II, critical capabilities have dedicated controls—they’re not buried and don’t require you to use modifiers or spend time accessing submenus. The Bleep/Reverse switch is solid and spring-loaded, so it returns to center automatically.