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Model: GEM WK1000L

  ESTATE SALE FIND   Please use the pictures as your best guide to item description and condition. ALL phone/computer/laptop/tablet screens are not the same: colors may vary slightlyPERFECT GRADUATION GIFT!!!EXTREMELY IMPORTANT – please read before biddingfirst, let me say this:  i don’t know anything about electronic keyboard.  the only testing done OR WASN’T DONE on this keyboard is the following:plugged in unit and power came on and some lights on unit lit-uppushed buttons that had lights attached and all lights lit-uppushed most buttons and buttons made sounds or the function lit-up in the display windowdisplay window came on and displayed different functions (see pictures)pressed all keys and they made soundspressed some of the buttons on top of keyboard and they made different sounds and etc.floppy disk functions wasn’t tested; however, i did insert floppy disk INTO ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD and light came on unit acknowledging disk was insertedkeyboard wasn’t tested for all the functions because i don’t know what i’m checking for since i don’t know anything about keyboard nor do i know how to play a tune!!!battery compartment wasn’t tested (missing battery cover on bottom of unit)all items are being sold ‘as-is’ and ‘as-found’ (no returns – no refunds and final sale - no exceptions) BY YOU PLACING A BID, YOU ARE CONFIRMING THAT YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND THE ABOVE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT STATEMENTs!!!  YOU WILL RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING: GEM WK1000 ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD (S/N 8291060418) & CODE 991580 IS ON THE BOTTOM – (APPROX SIZE:  38-1/2”L X 15”D).ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD ADJUSTABLE STANDELECTRONIC KEYBOARD PADDED GREEN CARRYING CASE (CARRYING BAG HAS ONE SMALL AND ONE LARGE COMPARTMENT.ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD POWER ADAPTORTOPP MUSIC GEAR USA MUSIC ADJUSTABLE STANDWK1000 OPERATING SYSTEM FLOPPY DISK (COD. 956021) THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION WAS TAKEN OFF THE WEB REGARDING THIS ITEM AND I DON’T ENDORSE IT BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THESE ITEMS: WK 1000 WK1000:  SOUND QUALITY, FULLY FEATURED YET EASY TO USE.  THE WK1000 FROM GEM IS AN IDEAL INSTRUMENT FOR STUDENTS OR MUSIC HOBBYISTS LOOKING FOR THE ACCLAIMED GEM SOUNDS AND MUSICAL STYLES IN AN EASY TO USE, AFFORDABLE INSTRUMENT THAT BOASTS FULL KAROKE & PERFORMANCE CAPABILITIES AS WELL! 471 NEW PCM SOUNDS (INCLUDING 20 DRUMKITS) ARE ALL ENHANCED BY THE INTERNAL EFFECTS PROCESSOR PROVIDING A SELECTION OF 22 REVERBS AND 22 EFFECTS WITH SEPARATE VOLUME PER PART, OPTIMIZING THE OVERALL SOUND.  THE ARRANGER SECTION CONTAINS RENOWED GEM STYLE ACCOMPANIMENTS FOR ALMOST EVERY MUSICAL GENRE, PROGRAMMED & ARRANGED BY A TEAM OF WORLDWIDE PROFESSIONALS.  96 STYLES ARE DIVIDED IN DIFFERENT CATEGORIES FOR FAST AND EASY ACCESS:  8 BEAT, 16 BEAT, ROCK, LATIN, FUNKY, DANCE, JAZZ, TRADITIONAL, USER ETC.  EACH STYLE COMPRISES UP TO 5 TRACKS OF ACCOMPANIMENT (DRUMS, BASS, ACC. 1/2/3) AND OFFERS EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE FLEXIBILITY THANKS TO THE BROAD CHOICE OF ARRANGEMENT ELEMENTS (INCLUDING INTRO, BASIC PATTERN, ENDING AND FILL).  EACH STYLE, INTRO & END OFFER 4 DIFFERENT VARIATIONS FROM THE BASIC TO THE MOST ELABORATED, ASSURING YOU THE MAXIMUM MUSICAL RICHNESS AND VERSATILITY.  THE SOUNDS AND SETTINGS RELATIVE TO EVERY SINGLE TRACK MAY BE SAVED IN ONE OF THE 63 PROGRAMMABLE PERFORMANCE (MEMORY) LOCATIONS FOR FAST AND EASY RECALL.  THE WK1000 ALSO INCLUDES 96 NON-PROGRAMMABLE PERFORMANCE MEMORIES LINKED TO THE STYLES PROVIDED BY THE AUTOMATIC ACCOMPANIMENT SECTION; EVERY STYLE PERFORMANCE INCLUDES THE MOST APPROPRIATE MELODY SOUND(S) FOR THE STYLE YOU SELECT. THE SINGLE TOUCH PLAY FUNCTION MAKES IT POSSIBLE TO ASSIGN UP TO 9 REAL TIME SETTINGS (SOUND COMBINATIONS OF UPPER 1, UPPER 2 AND LOWER SECTIONS) TO EACH STYLE. THANKS TO THE MIDI FILE PLAYER IT IS POSSIBLE TO PLAY ANY SONG IN STANDARD MIDI FILE (TYPE 0,1 AND 1+LYRICS, PLUS MANY GEM FORMATS)  LOADING DIRECTLY FROM FLOPPY DISK.  THE INTERNAL SEQUENCER IS PRACTICAL, IMMEDIATE AND ALLOWS YOU TO SAVE UP TO 7 SONG STYLES (USING THE ACCOMPANIMENTS).  16-PARTS MULTITIMBRAL, PROGRAMMABLE SPLIT MONO MODE, LAYER FUCTION ARE ONLY A FEW OF THE VAST FEATURES OF THE WK1000 WHICH WILL ALLOW YOU TO PLAY YOUR MUSIC IN COMPLETE FREEDOM.  THE FRONT PANEL HAS BEEN ESPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR THE IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO ALL CONTROLS AND OPERATIONS.  THE BACK-LIT DISPLAY IS VERY CLEAR AND PROVIDES ALL THE INFORMATION REQUIRED WITH REFERENCE TO THE SELECTED OPERATING MODE.  A COMPREHENSIVE SERIES OF CONNECTIONS IN THE REAR PANEL ALSO INCLUDES VIDEO OUTPUT FOR THE CONNECTION TO TV OR VIDEO DISPLAY ENABLING YOU TO VIEW SONG CHORDS & LYRICS FOR KARAOKE ENTERTAINMENT.  THE BUILT IN AMPLIFICATION AND 2 X 2 WAY SPEAKER SYSTEM DELIVERS WARMTH AND POWER WITH SPARKLING FIDELITY & CLARITY.  AN INSTRUMENT DESIGNED TO SPECIFICALLY ENHANCE YOUR LEARNING EXPERIENCE OR PROVIDE HOURS OF ENJOYMENT FOR THE SERIOUS HOBBYIST, THE WK1000 GEM IS READY TO PERFORM!   MANUAL IS NOT INCLUDED; HOWEVER, YOU CAN DOWN LOAD IT OFF THE INTERNET     ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOUND ON THE INTERNET REGARDING ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD (I DON’T ENDORSE THIS INFORMATION BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT KEYBOARD!!!) WK1000 is a keyboard with automatic arrangements, easy to use and able to adapt to different situations: from the study of music to karaoke fun.  The internal sound generation offers 471 PCM sounds (including 20 drum kits) that allow you to recreate all the sounds for interpreting the most diverse musical genres. the internal effects processor offers a choice of 22 reverbs and 22 effects with separate sends that enrich and further optimize the overall sound.  With 32 note polyphony maximum multitimbrality a 16-part, split programmable mode and function Mono Layer between two sounds, WK1000 can manage with complete freedom the many sounds on the keyboard, offering different solutions executive. The sounds and settings to the state and to the management of the individual tracks, for real-time execution and the use of style, can be stored inside the 63 locations programmable performance, which address the programming of the effects, controllers (pedals, Pitch / Modulation), MIDI channel, the status of the tracks (On / Off), time and more.  In practice, selecting a performance are called all parameters and settings stored in it, by pressing a button.  WK1000 also offers 96 style performance can not be modified, associated with the style of the auto accompaniment section.  every style performance includes the sounds to the style selected.  Moreover, thanks to the Single Touch Play, you can assign up to 9 Real Time settings (sound combinations of the Upper 1, Upper 2, Lower) that depend on the style used.  The arranger section includes the automatic accompaniment, arranged by professional musicians and allow you to perform the musical styles most widely used. you can choose between 96 different style, each complete with Intro, Ending and 4 variations that allow you to determine the instrumental arrangement: from the simplest to the most elaborate.   Each style is made up of 5 tracks and freely manageable through various functions and controls always at hand, including the keys Fill-in, the Fade, the KeyStart and the volume balance between the sound performed in real time on the keyboard and traces of the style.  Thanks to MIDI file player can perform any musical base in Standard MIDI File (type 0, 1 and 1 + lyrics), by reading directly from a floppy disk. the internal sequencer is practical, immediate and allows you to record up to 7 SongStyle making use of the accompaniments.  The panel WK1000 was made to have each control always at hand and for facilitating each operation.  The backlit display is clearly visible and always provides the necessary information on operating environment selected.  The complete set of connections on the rear panel also includes video output for connection to a TV to display the chords and lyrics in karaoke mode. Features   Tastiera 61 tasti con dinamica Keyboard 61 keys with dynamics   Polifonia 32 note max Polyphony 32 notes max   Suoni 471 suoni PCM, inclusi 20 drum kits Sounds 471 PCM sounds, including 20 drum kits   Performances 63 real-time editabili Performances 63 real-time editable   Effetti 22 riverberi + 22 effetti, con mandate separate Effects 22 reverbs + 22 effects, with separate sends   Modo operativo 3 sezioni real-time (lower, upper1, upper2); Operating mode 3 real-time sections (lower, upper1, Upper 2); modo monofonico (solo Upper 1), split (programmabile), layer monaural (only Upper 1), split (programmable), Layer   Controlli Volume, pitch bend wheel, modulation button, page<>, cursor, melody off, demo, metronomo, single touch play, performance recall/store perf, tasti funzione F1/F9, style/tempo lock, play all songs, floppy disk, lyrics, Upper1, upper2, lower, selezione style/sound, tastiera numerica, harmony, tempo/data, enter, escape, sustain, rev/cho, transpose b/# Volume controls, pitch bend wheel, modulation button, page <>, cursor, melody off, demo, metronome, single touch play, performance recall / store perf, function keys F1 / F9, style / time lock, play all songs, floppy disk , lyrics, Upper 1, Upper 2, lower, selection style / sound, numeric keypad, harmony, time / date, enter, escape, sustain, rev / cho, Transpose b / #   Display LCD multifunzione retroilluminato con visualizzazione karaoke su 2 linee (2 x 24 caratteri) Multifunction backlit LCD display with karaoke on 2 lines (2 x 24 characters)   Styles 96 styles x 4 variazioni, 5 tracce (drums, bass, acc 1, acc 2, acc 3), 8 user style Styles 96 styles x 4 variations, 5 tracks (drums, bass, acc 1, acc 2, acc 3), 8 user styles   Controlli Styles Arranger on/off, lower memory, accomp/keyboard balance, var1/4, fade, fill A, fill, fillA/tap, key start/stop/continue, start/stop, intro, ending Styles Arranger controls on / off, lower memory, accomp / keyboard balance, var1 / 4, fade, fill in, fill, Filla / tap, key start / stop / continue, start / stop, intro, ending   Single Touch Play 960 (10 per style) Sequencer 7 song style, recorder 8 tracce: upper1/upper2/lower/5 tracce styles, lettore 16 tracce, record, play/stop Single Touch Play 960 (10 per style) Sequencer 7 song style, 8-track recorder: upper1 / Upper2 / lower / 5 traces styles, player 16 tracks, record, play / stop   Disk Drive Load, save, delete, format (720 Kb - 1.44MB), utility, funzioni 'direct-from-floppy', 'play-all-songs' Disk Drive Load, save, delete, format (720 Kb - 1.44MB), utility, features 'direct-from-floppy', 'play-all-songs'   Compatibilita' Standard MIDI files (0, 1, 1+lyrics), GMX, WK3, PK7 Connessioni Aux out, cuffia, pedale damper, pedale volume, MIDI in/out, computer host (PC1, PC2, Mac), DC-12V Compatibility 'Standard MIDI files (0, 1, 1 + lyrics), GMX, WK3, PK7 Connections Aux out, headphone, damper pedal, volume pedal, MIDI in / out, computer host (PC1, PC2, Mac), DC-12V   Letture testo su schermo (la tastiera non è dotata di uscita video) Reads text on the screen (the keyboard does not have a video output)   Amplificazione 6W + 6W, 2 vie, 4 altoparlanti Amplification 6W + 6W, 2-way, 4 speakers   HISTORY INFORMATION REGARDING GENERALMUSIC TAKEN OFF THE INTERNET   Generalmusic was an Italian  manufacturing company focusing on  and , synthesizers and . They produce three lines, musical instrument series called GEM, various studio equipment series called LEM and amplificator products called ELKA. From the 1990s to 2000, Generalmusic made a , digital  piano module called the RealPiano Expander. It featured realistic, physically modelled grand pianos with continuous damper pedal functionality. The RealPiano Expander has a delicate LCD readout that is prone to failure. This is due to the internal placement of the LCD ribbon wire in proximity to the top front edge of the plastic front bezel. To prevent damage to the LCD ribbon wire, users should not place heavy objects on top of the module. Users have replaced the LCD ribbon wire themselves.  A damaged LCD ribbon wire does not affect sound quality or other functions at all. The device also has a few bugs related to key velocity that were never corrected in the upgradable  firmware. The RealPiano Expander was succeeded by the GEM RP-X half-rack module in 2006. The RP-X featured the DRAKE (  Advanced Keyboard Engine) which simulates a  F308 and  grand piano among other instruments. Next-generation Generalmusic arranger keyboards were the WK series. Again, they offered a more sophisticated SK series as a synth-arranger alternative and Equinox as a standalone  clone. Product 1990–2006 Portable Style Keyboards: CD10/ CD20 / CD30/ WK1 / WK2 / WK3 / WK4 / WK6 / WK8 / gk300 / gk320 / gk360 / gk380 / wk1000 /wk10R / wk2000 OR / ws1 /ws2 / WX2. The last generation of Generalmusic synthesizers is the Genesys series, offering onboard sampling from an integrated ,  tracks, and . In addition to Genesys, the company offered an entry-level version named GK series and a simplified WK version named WK-1000/2000. In February 2009 Generalmusic dismissed all employees and immediately filed for bankruptcy, which was declared in 2011. In December 2014 the Finnish group Soundion Oy Ltd (new owner of GEM, LEM and Elka) announced that, in 2015, Generalmusic will bring to market a product lineup composed of re-issued as well as brand new technology models. The new production is planned to be set up in                      **DON’T FORGET TO VIEW MY OTHER LISTINGS**   I HAVE PLENTY MORE PICTURES (EBAY ONLY ALLOWS 12 PICTURES, SO PLEASE REQUEST ADDITIONAL PICTURES IF YOU NEED MORE IN ORDER TO DECIDE IF THIS ITEM IS RIGHT FOR YOU BEFORE BIDDING - I DON'T MIND!!!  BEING SOLD 'AS-IS' AND 'AS-FOUND' CONDITION.  NO RETURNS - NO REFUNDS AND NO EXCEPTION!!!   **PLEASE NOTE THAT SHIPPING CHARGE IS EXTREMELY HIGH DUE TO THE FACT THAT BOX WEIGHS OVER 46 POUNDS NOW WITHOUT THE ITEMS BEING WRAPPED OR PACKING MATERIAL IN BOX + BOX IS OVERSIZED AND USPS CHARGES EXTRA FOR OVERSIZE BOXES + INSURANCE CHARGE DUE TO THE FACT IT IS OVER $100 AND INSURANCE CHARGE HAS TO BE ADDED FOR THIS ITEM** GEM WK1000 ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD IS IN PRE-OWNED CONDITION.  AS FAR AS I CAN TELL, ESPECIALLY SINCE I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS ITEM, IT SEEMS TO BE IN GOOD CONDITION. HOWEVER, PLEASE VIEW ALL PICTURES SO THAT YOU CAN JUDGE FOR YOURSELF AND ASK ALL QUESTIONS.  ALL ITEMS CAME FROM AN ESTATE SALE AND THE OWNER STATED SHE PURCHASED ALL ITEMS BRAND NEW (RETAIL OVER $2,000.00) FOR HER SON AND HE ONLY USED THEM A COUPLE OF TIMES AND THAT ALL FEATURES WORKS; HOWEVER, I CAN’T ENDORSE WHAT SHE SAID ABOUT ALL FEATURES WORKING BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW HOW TO PLAY OR WORK THIS ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD.  I CAN SAY, AS I STATED ABOVE, I DID PLUG UP THE KEYBOARD AND STARTED PUSHING BUTTONS AND THEY ALL MADE SOUNDS.  ALL LIGHTS THAT ARE ON KEYBOARD LIT-UP WHEN BUTTONS WERE PUSHED AND ALL KEYS ON KEYBOARD MADE SOUNDS THAT I GUESS WERE SUPPOSE TO MAKE SOUNDS.  THAT IS ALL THE TESTING THAT WAS DONE BY ME! THERE ARE SOME SCRATCH/SCUFF MARKS ON THE ITEMS, BUT NOTHING THAT INTERFERES WITH THE PERFORMANCE OF KEYBOARD AND EACH OF THE OTHER ITEMS.  THE BATTERY COVER ON THE UNDERSIDE OF KEYBOARD IS MISSING, BUT AGAIN, IT DOESN’T INTERFERE WITH THE FUNCTIONALITY OF KEYBOARD.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU VIEW ALL PICTURES BEFORE BIDDING.  I HAVE PLENTY MORE PICTURES, PLEASE REQUEST MORE BEFORE BIDDING (NOT AFTER BIDDING HAS ENDED), I DON’T MIND!!!  IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS, QUESTIONS OR NEED ADDITIONAL PICTURES, PLEASE ADDRESS/REQUEST BEFORE BIDDING (NOT AFTER BIDDING OR WINNING AN ITEM).  AUCTION IS FINAL SALE – NO EXCEPTION!!!  (NO RETURNS AND NO REFUNDS!!!).  AUCTION IS BEING OFFERED ‘AS-IS’ AND ‘AS-FOUND’ CONDITION AND MAY HAVE FLAWS & NEED CLEANING, FOR WHICH I WILL LEAVE TO THE BUYER’S DISCRETION   KEYBOARD AND ACCESSORIES ARE ALL BEING SOLD “AS IS” “AS-FOUND” AND NO RETURNS/NO REFUNDS (FINAL SALE – NO EXCEPTION)… PLEASE ASK ALL QUESTIONS AND PLEASE ASK FOR ADDITIONAL PICTURES BEFORE BIDDING!!!     VERY IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION:  1.  THE SHIPPING CHARGE THAT IS LISTED, ARE THE CHARGES THAT I HAVE TO PAY TO EBAY FOR THEIR FEES (YES, EBAY CHARGES SELLERS A 10% FEE TO SHIP YOUR ITEMS TO YOU IN ADDITION TO SELLERS PAYING 10% SELLING FEES) AND TO THE SHIPPING COMPANY THAT SHIPS MY PACKAGES.  IF YOU BID, YOU ARE AGREEING THAT THE SHIPPING CHARGE IS OKAY WITH YOU, SO PLEASE DON’T LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK OR FEEDBACK RATING LESS THAN A FIVE (5) REGARDING THIS MATTER.  ALSO, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER AND THAN LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK OR A SHIPPING RATING LESS THAN A FIVE (5)!!! YOUR COOPERATION IN THIS MATTER IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.  THANK YOU!!!   2.  SHIPPING POSTAL PRIORITY FEES COVER ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:  HANDLING FEES THAT THE SHIPPING COMPANY THAT I USE TO SHIP OUT MY ITEMS CHARGES, INSURANCE, PACKING MATERIALS, WAREHOUSING, ORDER HANDLING AND PROCESSING COST.  ECONOMY AND FIRST CLASS SHIPPING RATES DO NOT INCLUDE THE SAME AS THE ‘PRIORITY’ SHIPPING RATES ABOVE.    NO INTERNATIONAL & APO/FPO (INCLUDES: ALASKA, HAWAII, PUERTO RICO/VIRGIN ISLANDS) ADDRESS BIDDERS     I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL!   MERCHANDISE WILL BE SHIPPED UPON CLEARING OF PAYMENT. SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY!!!  NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS, so please contact me with all questions, concerns or if you need additional pictures.  Please read all details of auction and ask all questions prior to bidding as all sales are final – NO REFUNDS & NO RETURNS.  Please only serious bidders!!!  Winning bidder must make PAYMENT within TWO (2) days of auction closing.   Otherwise, the auction will be void and we will follow through on filing NPB (non-paying bidder).  Non-payment on 2nd day  opens/initiates an ‘automatic’ non-paying bidder alert case.  Please read all details of auction and ask all questions prior to bidding as all sales are final.  Please only serious bidders!!!  All items are sold in “as is” condition.  I DO NOT accept returns.  Contact me right away WITHIN 2 DAYS OF RECEIVING ITEM(S) with any concerns. In case a return/refund is granted (which it shouldn’t because to my knowledge I have listed everything about the product), buyer pays to ship item back to seller AND original shipping fee will not be refunded (only purchase price of item will be refunded)– NO EXCEPTIONS!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR VIEWING MY LISTING – HAPPY BIDDING!!! **DON’T FORGET TO PUT ME IN YOUR FAVORITES AND KEEP CHECKING BACK!!!**  THANK YOU FOR VISITING AND PLEASE COME BACK AGAIN SOON!!!