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Neumann M149 75th Jubilee Stereo Set

Estimated price for orientation: 7 500 $

Category: Neumann U 87 Ai SET Z Condenser

Type: Tube Microphone Model: M149
Brand: Neumann Country/Region of Manufacture: Germany
MPN: 008391

This is an absolutely mint stereo pair of Neumann M149's - the 75th Jubilee Set, which I purchased in July 2004. I'll supply the original purchase invoice with the set. They've never really been out of their case longer than it takes to admire them; they have never been used for a proper recording session. #244 probably has a maximum of 4-5 hours uptime on the tube; #245 less than an hour. The capsules are spotless. The reason I'm selling them is because it's a complete waste not to use them and because I'm nearly 60 years old, I'm scaling down. We're a small music production team based in Cape Town Look us up. My partner is a music technology geek, my business is vocals; I'm retro - I run everything through either a Focusrite Red6 or a Manley VoxBox. I've always been passionate about Neumann because I cut my teeth on the U87Ai as a broadcaster. I fell in love with the M149 in 1998 and bought a standard one in 2000. When the Platinum Jubilee versions came out at the end of 2003, I was willing to sell the wife and kids into slavery to obtain a stereo pair. A big album gig in June 2004 made the purchase possible. Problem is, I was so precious about them, I never used them. Those of you with eagle-eyes may notice there's black tape stuck around the base of the mics - that was to prevent any kind of marking when the mics are inserted or extracted from the cradles. (yeah - I know; I'm seriously dumb-ass anally retentive).I subsequently purchased the Microtech Gefell UM900 and the UMT800 which became my go-to vocal mics. The Neumann set has been lying about ever since. So what's the point? I've reached an age now when I know what I like and I know what I use and I'm moving on. The M149's are really fantastic. I hope someone less anally retentive than I am takes them and uses them. They're beautiful - and the vintage power supplies are so much nicer than the usual little black ones. Anyway, there it is. We're ridiculously honest, decent folks - what you see is what you'll get. It's a substantial, weighty suitcase, so we'll have to talk about shipping.Cheers.Carel