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1960 Fender Jazz Bass Stack Knob" Candy Apple Red

Estimated price for orientation: 21 500 $

Category: Bass Guitars

Brand: Fender Exact Year: 1960
String Configuration: 4 String Model: Jazz
Body Type: Solid

This is a 1960 Fender Jazz Bass,Also known as a Stack Knob because of its concentric pots.This Candy Apple Red Jazz was hidden away in the Norm Harris Collection for decades.It can be seen in the Book "Normans  Rare Guitars "on page 76 in all its glory.I have had the pleasure to own 3 others from Norms collection, a Sonic blue, Sea foam, and Burgandy Mist, and without a question this is the best playing, of them all.Now a little about this bass.It is a 1960 Fender Jazz Bass ,serial number 58xxx which puts it late 60 or very early 61.The bass has both pots from 6039,(Oct 1960) and a neck date of 10/60 (october).It was sent back in 1964 to the Fender Factory to be refinished in Candy Apple Red, as witnessed by the Fender Stamps in the neck pocket.(CAR) ( Entry E815) (#788.)It is clear to all long time collectors what these stamps and dates look like and this is a perfect example of Factory refinish , and stamping.The bass has a beautiful dark slab board with perfect clay dots.The headstock decal while not 1960 was replaced at time of refinish, as was the pickguard. The pickguard is now white as common in 64.These are the only two items not original to this bass from 1960. This bass needs to be played, in fact it is crying out..... As most 1960 Jazz basses, it has a resonance, unequalled by any copy, or relic. Harmonics are effortless and the tone and differences between the front and bridge pickup make this a once in a lifetime bass. Pickup covers are small hole with no mute on the back, as these are original to 1960, as are both pickups, wiring and all hardware and screws.Again this bass was in a box in Norms collection for many , many, years.Norm made note in his description that there are no mutes as they were filled in at refinish, as was the hootanny strap button.This bass is a remarkable instrumentI cannot stress that enough,I have owned many many Stack knobs.....This is the best, Finest sounding,Ruler straight neck, with the lowest, most perfect action I have ever encountered. Frets are as new as it has always had flatwounds, and is strung with them now.It is being sold at 1/2 the price it would be, had it not been sent back to Fender in 1964.It does have a few chips, and is checked through the back and front of the body and headstock.What a Truly Magnificent BassPlease ask any questions and check my feedback , to gain confidence in my knowledge.My previous collection is now housed in the Songbird museum in Tenn.Thank you for your timeMike