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3 String Cigar Box Guitar Red Dog ~ 1875 Sailors Choice Slide Bottleneck Dobro

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Brand: Red Dog 3 string Guitar Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
MPN: Handmade & Homemade Cigar Box Guitar UPC: Does not apply

They all love it and so will you! Red Dog Guitars has been the Sailor's first choice at sea for over a 150 years. If you played this guitar for just 5 minuets you'd know why too! This homemade 3 string cigar box guitar will provide that old time authentic Delta Blues Bottleneck sound like no other vintage guitar can. Super easy to get that vintage tone you've always wanted in your playing.I don't like to make big claims, it's either for you or not, all my guitars sound and play the same as I make all my guitars the same way. The recipe I use to capture that old time Blues sound works for me so I do everything the same. I make the pickups the same, the action and scale length, everything is the same in all my guitars, only the appearances and artwork look different, but all my guitars are really the same inside and out.If you would like to hear what is possible with a 3 string guitar, have a listen to this short video,
If you want to play Delta Blues or slide guitar, I like to set my guitars up for killer slide. Go from gritty blues to clear country and everything in between. This is an all handmade and homemade cigar box guitar. This is a 3 string guitar that has all custom made metal work, pickup art with vintage lettering, and all handmade. If you have any questions, email me or better yet pickup the phone and call me! John 1-775-440-1127  

Shipping ANYWHERE in the World $55 - Because of the investment in time I put into my work, I will insure and ship the guitar to you and in return you can meet me at a pre set and fair price of Fifty Five dollars. No matter where you live....From any Hometown USA to The ARTIC CIRCLE or even as far away as The DEEP CONGO, it's the same $55 US dollars. Mailed Airmail and insured 7 to 12 days.You have a house? I will get it there for $55 even Steven, Anywhere in the world, Yes that means ANYWHERE on Planet Earth for just $55

The pickup is hand drawn art by me and was many hours of work alone,

This "Sailors Choice" art is all original art hand done and handmade for just this guitar.

This guitar is American Folk history. This guitar is a recreation of the guitars used at the turn of the century by bluesmen in the Southern Delta. This guitar is completely hand made, but don’t let its simplicity fool you, It took me several hundred hours to transform an old used cigar box into a guitar that will easily outplay any Martin or Taylor in that raw down home Blues. Muddy Waters defiantly never played a Martin and owning a Resonator guitar was all but a dream, however Muddy Waters did play a cigar box guitar growing up on those banks of the Mississippi River. This guitar is the roots of blues history, and I've built it to be the epitome of a Vintage Classic yet this guitar will have a legacy for the next several hundred years. It will still daze and be as captivating then, as it does today. ...If it's not for you, no worries, just enjoy the photos.     If you looking for a super fun to play guitar and just can't seem to find the sounds of vintage American folk music on your store bought or factory made guitar, this guitar is both easy to play and sounds super great! My only sales pitch is to ask you this....If you're totally and completely bored with playing a regular guitar or tired of the continued invasion of Chinese made products and just can't seem to have fun making music then what you need is to go back to the roots of how American music was made. With a cigar box guitar it will take you back to the lost early days of blues music. On the plantations and in the fields this guitar is nostalgic of an era long gone, these simple, yet elegantly crafted instruments bring to life music once played in the deep south by legendary Bluesmen such as Muddy Waters, Lightin' Hopkin's, Buddy Guy, Hound Dog Taylor, and Big Bill Broonzy, and That ain't but a few! Still here? .....Would you like to learn more about the history of the cigar box guitar?  
 Well, what is a Cigar Box Guitar? The truth is, in the South it's common to hear stories that B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Lightnin' Hopkins and all those other old-time blues guys started playing guitar on a cigar box guitar. Not many people who follow Blues and Country music know this, but many famous Bluesmen and Country singers started their career on a simple homemade cigar box guitar. One reason most Blues and Country music has such a distinctive sound is because it was derived off of music made on these simple instruments.       The precursor to the cigar box guitar as an instrument was the diddly-bow. It was a one stringed instrument where the