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Rare c2001 HOFNER Verythin Classic Guitar Natural Ash w Case Handmade Germany NR

Estimated price for orientation: 799 $

Category: Electric Guitar

Brand: Hofner Body Type: Semi-Hollow
Model: Verythin Classic

Up for sale is this beautiful Hofner Verythin Classic Guitar in natural ash finish.  Interior label is signed and marked with Serial # B 10186. The design has a lighter finished wide racing type stripe that goes down the middle and the back is very pretty with a quilted/flame look to it.  Lots of nice inlay work, especially on the head stock and along the edges.  Everything looks correct and original.  Comes with original case, hang tang, key for the case and a second set of knobs.  In 2001 they were they still hand making these guitars in Germany and the quality is very evident.  Amazing how thin and light it is!  I plugged it in and played it and it sounds great. If I hadn't just bought a Les Paul ES I would be keeping it.Overall condition is super.  Really clean body and I would rate this guitar an A- overall.  There is some slight and I mean slight tarnishing to some of the brass hard ware and some of the banding is starting to darken a little (mainly at the top of the neck) but this is minimal at best.  There is a tiny ding to the left of the sound hole (when looking at the guitar straight on) and some scuffing to the finish on the upper right corner of the back that looks like it was from a belt buckle.  I think though you could probably buff/rub 90% of it out.  I would assume it probably needs a decent setup depending on what kind of player you are but it is pretty much ready to go.  The original case is in really nice shape as well.  The outside is a little dirty due to the light color and the inside is super nice and clean. A little history on the guitar; Born in 1960 the Verythin guitar was developed to appeal to the many beat groups that were appearing across Europe as Rock 'N Roll took the imagination of youngsters everywhere. It was created to give the player a lightweight stylish guitar with an ultra thin body (just 1.25 inches) no deeper than the average solid body guitar while still providing the tone of a semi-acoustic. he original concept of a lightweight semi-acoustic for a wide range of user styles still holds good today. The thin body makes it one of the most comfortable guitars in its class to play but at the same time the Verythin offers a huge range of tones making it one of the best all round instruments available. You can take it from jazz all the way through to over-driven rock. The vintage shallow profile neck and comfortable body make playing a Verythin a joy, something every guitarist should experience.