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1956 National "Dynamic" Archtop vintage acoustic-electric guitar - incredible!

Estimated price for orientation: 1 050 $

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Brand: National Dexterity: Right-Handed
MPN: Model 1125 String Configuration: 6
Body Type: Archtop Exact Year: 1956
Model: Dynamic Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Classic Vintage Recording Studio & Engineering is selling its 1956 National "Dynamic" model 1125 archtop acoustic-electric guitar! Check out the video below for a 360 degree view and a song made with this guitar - recorded just for this auction!
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The guitar plays great and sounds incredible! Its been professionally set-up just for this auction with new light gauge (10-47) John Pearse phosphor bronze strings. Top braces have been looked after - one brace re-glued after purchase and the other was recently re-glued after the original glue started to separate - all old archtops and acoustics have had or will need this done to them - but this one is ready to go! Frets have been leveled and polished for super low action - at the 12th fret, the action is 5/64" on the bass side and 4/64" (1/16") on the treble side - a testament to how great the neck is and how well these steel-reinforced necks hold up!Neck relief is .009" on the bass side and .006" on the treble - which is normal and on-par with the measurements of a brand new guitar in perfect shape. The neck is removable, and adjustable for tilt and position - which is pretty advanced for a guitar this old - neck relief is non-adjustable (looks like a huge piece of steel runs the length of the neck inside) but can be set by the gauge of strings you use - I have light gauge strings on, so the relief is somewhat small. The neck has a 12" fretboard radius and the frets are in excellent condition with very little wear.The headstock looks incredible with the original fully intact logo! The tuning keys are perfectly smooth!The volume and tone knobs are smooth and work great - the original tone cap in this is to die for - its a wax paper "Industrial Condenser Corp" .05uF cap made in Chicago. Listen to the song in the video to hear how warm and smooth the cap sounds when you roll the treble off!Original single-coil pickup sounds awesome - the pole pieces have been well-balanced for an even sound on all strings - it has a pleasant warm sound that matches the guitar perfectly. I love it on slide!Details:Serial number: X69474 (dates to 1956)L6266 stamp on top and bottom inside.Pot codes: 220-17T304427 - Stackpole 1954 27th week220-61304522 - Stackpole 1955 22nd weekWax paper cap .05MFD 200V “Industrial Condenser Corp Chicago, Ill” PT-201Issues:Worn finish, finish checking and crazing - normal for a guitar of this age - none of the cracks are in the wood below - only the paint on top.Pickguard has play wear and "Dynamic" logo has worn off (you can still see where it used to be if you look closely).Small dents and scratches throughout - consistent with age and do not affect function.Professionally repaired cracks in pickup surround - works great and holds the pickup very well!Bindings have shrunk all over - the worst shrinkage is on the f-holes (pictured) - normal for a guitar of this age.When played acoustically, on certain low notes, struck singly and loudly, you can hear a tiny buzzing noise if you listen very close (sympathetic vibration) - usually caused by knobs, pickups, or hardware vibrating in sympathy with the string. This is very minor and can't be heard at all though the pickup - check out the video for an example of how great this guitar sounds!Original chip-board case is in rough condition with a repaired handle - this guitar will be packed in many layers even before it goes into the case - and then once in the case it will be packaged even more for the guitar box.Please note that the guitar should have the setup looked at (or adjusted for your liking) after shipping - all my hard work can be undone by rough shipping and temp&humidity changes!No returns or refunds on used items like this - so be sure to ask all questions before purchase - I'd be happy to help! Worldwide shipping with full insurance - I've shipped high-end vintage pro audio gear to studios and individuals all over the world with no issues.Feedback policy: I leave feedback after receiving feedback from the buyer. Thanks for looking!-RichardClassic Vintage Recording Studio & Engineering (CVRSE)