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'50s Grover Rotomatic USA GIBSON EXPLORER Guitar Nickle Tuner Set PAT. PEND

Estimated price for orientation: 999 $

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   RARE 1st Version '50s Grover Rotomatic USA Guitar Nickle Tuner Set as used on 'V' Headstock Gibson Explorer!! PAT. PEND.FLAT BACK!PEARLOID BUTTONS!
Don't think you are going to see these for sale again anytime real soon! MEGA-RARE! Good/average condition. I've had them for over 30 years as part of a large lot obtained from a retired guitar repairman - always wondered what they were for. Imagine my surprise when I saw that book illustration (second pic)!  Obviously you can also use the 3 bass side tuners for the more common 'Banana' headstock version.
**Story time! Local legend says that a '50s Explorer showed up at a Delaware flea market briefly about 45 years ago. The body had been stupidly cut down (horns reduced). It is conceivable that the guitar found its way to a repairmen as it continued to suffer in the hands of bad ownership - only in Delaware, right?
Not sure whether or not '50s Explorers had gold or nickle hardware, but it would not be difficult to get these plated if needed in gold.  ONE NON-ORIGINAL WASHER - right side of last pic (washer NOT beveled).Might be able to clean up a bit for a better appearance. Original '50s GROVER USA tuner set - NOT modern repros. Will need cleaning & fresh lubrication for optimal performance.  BEST OF LUCK WITH THE AUCTION! ***FREE USA SHIPPING!!!***
TERMS OF SALE Sold 'as-is'. Used item.     If there is any chance that you would NOT be happy owning a vintage guitar part, it would probably be best to pass on this listing. I'd rather avoid any unpleasantness because of unmet expectations.