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Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl: Stem 6 3/4", circa 19th Century, D#4 & G#3. VIDEO

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Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl #8303: Diameter: 6 3/4" (17.1 cm) Weight: 2.11 lbs. (961 grams) Fundamental tone: D#4 -10 Hz. Rim tone: G#3 -4 Hz. Hand-forged, mixed-alloy bronze Circa 19th Century , Type: Stem 
  About the Sound  Sample:   First you'll hear the  sound of this singing bowl struck on its upper outside edge with  the included Tibetan-wool padded mallet. This blends into the  second sound which is the same singing bowl played around the  outside rim with a leather mallet, then around the rim with the  wood side of the mallet and last the struck tone again. For  critical listening please use earphones.

Singing Bowl type: "Stem" A relatively rare type of  singing bowl which has a raised ring attached (usually soldered) to  the outside bottom of the bowl This ring is useful as a grip when  the bowl is used in sound healing applications as the bowl can  easily be waved around various parts of the patient's body.  Stylistically a comparison can be made to the porcelain stem cups  used by Tibetan nobility, although these have a longer stem. Package Also  Includes: Certificate of  Authenticity hand-signed by Rain Gray, Tibetan musicologist and  Indo-Tibetan art & antique expert. Professional Mallet (handmade of Himalayan hardwood and Tibetan  wool). Tips and Information  Brochure (which includes: historical information, general  metallurgical analysis, how to hold the mallet, playing around  the rim, and advanced playing techniques).    
You will receive the EXACT  singing bowl which you see and hear on this page.
    This fine-quality authentic  antique Singing Bowl was personally hand-selected in the Himalayas  by Tibetan musicologist Rain Gray. It is amongst the finest caliber  of singing bowls available in the world. It has passed stringent  tests for authentic antiquity, harmonic balance, smoothness and ease  of playing, sound volume and long sustain. From over 50,000 singing  bowls personally tested in the Himalayas each year, Rain only  selects 1 out of 200 (equal to only one half a percent)!
About Tibetan  Singing Bowls: 
Singing bowls produce multi-harmonic sounds which invoke a deep  state of relaxation which naturally assists one in entering into  meditation. This is why they are a quintessential aid to meditation,  and can be found in homes, churches, temples, monasteries,  meditation halls, yoga studios and spas throughout the world.   Legends claim that antique singing bowls from the Himalayas are  hand-forged from bell-metal bronze alloy consisting of from 7 to 12  metals. These metals may include silver, nickel, copper, zinc,  antimony, tin, lead, cobalt, bismuth, arsenic, cadmium and meteorite  iron. However, without an analysis of each individual singing bowl,  which is costly, it is impossible to accurately list the exact  metals contained in a particular bowl.   In addition to their traditional usage for meditation, Tibetan  singing bowls are used for deep relaxation, stress reduction,  holistic healing, Reiki, chakra balancing  sound healing, sound  massage, complementary and alternative medical treatments, birthing,  relieving insomnia, hospice, relieving anxiety, toning, calming  racehorses and other animals, and World music. Many people find that  the rich blend of harmonic overtones which the singing bowls produce  have a direct affect upon their chakras.   Playing a singing bowl usually causes an  immediate centering effect. The tones which they produce set up a  "frequency following response" that creates a balancing left/right  brain synchronization. Meditating on the subtle sounds of the  Tibetan singing bowl tunes one in to the universal sound within and  without.
How to play your  singing bowl:   The "Around-The-Rim"  Technique--
Hold the singing bowl on the palm of the  left hand. For smaller bowls, seven inches and under, hold on  your fingertips.   Grasp the mallet about mid-length, with  all the fingertips pointing downwards and touching the wood. (If  you are using one of our padded mallets, the red wool should be  on top.) Palm downward.   Gently tap the mallet against the side of  the bowl to "warm-up" the bell.   With a firm even pressure, rub the mallet clockwise around the  outside edge of the rim of the bowl. Lock your wrist. Use a full  arm movement, and make sure to keep the mallet straight up and  down! Again, it's not a wrist movement, but a full-arm movement.
Remember to apply  pressure-- the friction of the mallet against the outer rim  produces vibrations which result in sound.   Experiment with your speed. Usually people go too fast, so slow  down! Let the sound build up slowly as the singing bowl picks up the  vibration.  
Copyright © 1998-2014 Rain Gray. All  Rights Reserved.   Note: Instructions for other  playing techniques will be included with your order.
About Us:
I've been providing the world's finest-quality authentic antique  Singing Bowls to customers via the internet since 1996. I was the  first to sell singing bowls via the net and the first to include  accurate high quality sound samples of all of my singing bowls. Now  selling on eBay as iSingingBowls, I look forward to providing you  with customer oriented personal service.   All of our fine-quality authentic antique  Singing Bowls are personally hand-picked by me, Rain Gray, in the  Himalayas. I am an American who lives is the Himalayas 8 months of  the year and I have been researching, recording, and providing  singing bowls to customers worldwide now for over 34 years. I'm a  Tibetan musicologist, musician, and meditator, known for my  discriminating ear and for being the pickiest buyer in the  Himalayas.   The benefits to you--   You will  receive the absolute highest quality singing bowls available  anywhere; You can  rely on me and the iSingingBowls staff to take care of your  orders quickly and professionally; We will  be happy to  answer any questions you might have about singing  bowls; When you  become our customer we will be happy to help you improve your  singing bowl playing technique (Available via Skype-- Please  call or email first to set up a time). We look forward to  serving you!
Customer Feedback:
"Exceptional Quality."
 Buyer:      "The best buying experience ever - seller is an expert, 1st  quality,& trustworthy"
 Buyer:      "Rain is a great person with awesome singing bowls. Buy with  confidence!"
 Buyer:      "My bowl is a true treasure. Its vibrational energy is full and  deep. Thank you!"
 Buyer:      "Simply amazing, antique singing bowl! Incredibly impressive sound  quality! A++"
 Buyer:      "Rain, Thank you more than words. The bowl, she is priceless to me.  Again thanks!"
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Return Policy:   All singing bowls come with a 30 Day  Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you're not completely  satisfied with your purchase then just email us for a Return  Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, then send us your purchase  (including any accessories) in the same condition you received it  and we'll refund your money minus a 10% restocking fee. Please note  that we  do not refund shipping costs (if any) unless the item is not as  described.
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