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Novax Expression TYPE Seven String Fanned Fret Multi-Scale guitar

Estimated price for orientation: 1 900 $

Category: Electric Guitars

Brand: Novax Body Material: Solid Wood
Model: expression Model Year: 2007
String Configuration: 7 String Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
UPC: Does not apply

Here is one interesting guitar.  It is a Novax Charlie Hunter type 7 string with the fanned fret (multi-scale) neck.  So if you are hip to fanned guitars, you'll know it is a cross between a bass and a guitar. I am not sure the actual maker of this guitar since there it is sans logo.It has 2 pre 2002 Seymour Duncan Guitar Humbuckers as well as Bartolini Bass Pickups.  The Seymour Duncans are a JN1 (JN Jazz) and a JB0 (JB) in the bridge. I am not sure of the model of the bass pickups.It has stereo (2) output jacks for the bass pickup and the guitar pickups.  Plenty of knob and switch configurations to go around. All of which function as they should.The body (a Novax Expression design) is a mix of hardwoods (see pics).   There is a crack on the bottom bout by the control guard where is was obviously dropped. The crack is apparent. However, it seems sturdy and doesn't seem to affect anything structurally.  It may able to be cleaned up by a pro-Luthier.The neck is in good shape and is very ergonomic. There are no issues with any of the frets.  
The machine head tuners are older early 90's (or earlier) Gotoh tuners.  There looks to be a missing string tree between the lower two strings.  Various scuffs appear around the bottom flare of the headstock from hanging on a guitar rack. I am unsure of the date of construction of this guitar. However, by the ID of the Gotoh tuners and pre-2002 Humbuckers.  Throw in the weird rubbery Nobease knobs and you have a date line.  these Knobs are spelled Nobease.  They are now spelled Knobeez.  the company changed over in the early 90's thus ending production of the Nobease spelling and changing it to the new Knobeez flair.I am (as said before) unsure of the maker of this guitar.  It is not Novak. However, it is a quality build and it looks like the make of a quality unknown Luthier.